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#TheBestIsYetToCome - Interview with Pascal Morand, Président Exécutif at the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode

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Interview with pascal morand (président exécutif at the fédération de la haute couture et de la mode)why #thebestisyettocome?the best is yet to come is a question of posture and even in the face of the greatest difficulties, we must always look ahead. we need to bring everything that has been integrated into this period as a new situation. how can we reinvent ourselves?first, we must take note of what is happening in addition to the economic difficulties we know, it’s also an acceleration of what was already happening. of course, the biggest acceleration is digitalization. it happened in a few months, which would have happened in five or ten years. we must not lose sight of the fundamental issues of the other great revolution, which is sustainable development.can fashion be a driver of change?fashion is a fundamental actor of change and change on a more general level, but what is very important today is the way in which creation, fashion and innovation combine with all the changes, especially technological, in which we find ourselves experiencing day to day. what about a 100% digital fashion world?i absolutely do not believe in a 100% digital fashion. i deeply believe in the ability of digital as a resource for a new form of expression, creativity, and that is always the case with technology.what does #betterdiffentlylessmean when it comes to fashion?we can always do better, differently and less, it is even the nature of the relationship to life, as kundera said, doing more or doing less are the two ways to try to approach immortality so by the addition, or the subtraction. next challenge?it is also about living with your time or perhaps even ahead of your time. that's why we went to these online events for haute couture week and men's fashion week, because creativity, respect for difference, the expression of creation and all that by making use of contemporary technologies, are the values and framework of the 21st century.