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#TheBestIsYetToCome with Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Fashion designer & artist

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Jean-charles de castelbajac:1.why #thebestisyettocome?#thebestisyettocome because i spent a month and half confinedthinking, creating and re-inventing my life and thinking also about how, in the future, i can put my talent at the service of others. 2.how can we reinvent ourselves?you reinvent yourself every day. doing the same things in another way and putting yourself in danger,in skills you’ve never been practiced before, like cooking for mei am also left-handed, so i try to draw with my right hand to make it more challenging. that is reinventing myself. 3.can fashion be a driver of change?fashion is a fundamental actor of change because fashion links art, music, cinema, emotions, people, function and needs. fashion is at the heart of everything so it has to reinvent itself and i think this crisis will make fashion more ethical, ecological, related to sharing and maybe we will leave fashion and lean more towards style.4.a word that could define the future of fashion?companion clothing5.what about a 100% digital fashion world?no, fashion is also made to be touched, digital must be considered in this way too.6.what does #betterdiffentlylessmean when it comes to i think it’s time to start thinking again about clothes that accompany us, that passes down through generations with the function that takes over the decoration. it’s another type of fashion, it’s mainly a question of style and of sustainable clothing. 7.what will constitute a luxury in the future?the luxury of tomorrow is time for yourself.lockdown has pushed us to share, to learn how to slow down again, and to show again that laziness is not a bad flaw. 8.what is your next challenge?it will be a virtual show, something new. it will be about presenting fashion in a different way, with drawings for example. in any case, it will be about making it in a playful way music free of right - artlist